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Cleaner energy and certified safety

Like you, we are concerned about climate change and pollution. Like you, we also want to do something about it, before it's too late. That's why we offer a cleaner, more versatile, high-performance industrial battery that has been developed using Lead Crystal technology. We strive for 100% sustainability in every aspect of our business, from raw material to finished product.

Cleaner battery electrolyte composition

Lead Crystal® Batteries contain less acid, no antimony or cadmium and therefor have fewer health risks than conventional lead-acid batteries. Lead Crystal® Batteries are classed as non-dangerous goods, which makes them suitable for air, boat and road transport.

Meets ISO 14001 standard

The Lead Crystal®technology, complies with the ISO 14001 standard.

Up to 99% recyclable

Conventional lead-based batteries are only 95% recyclable. Lead Crystal® Batteries are up to 99% recyclable.

Longer lasting

Lead Crystal® Batteries last up to four times longer than the conventional lead-acid batteries. A carefully selected network of partnerships offers a good solution for the collection and recycling of Lead Crystal® Batteries as well as conventional batteries such as lead-acid, lead-gel etc.

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Lead Crystal Batteries

Lead Crystal Batteries

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